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Shauna Ashewood

Bsc ND DipEd DipHC MPH
  • Master in Public Health 2001

  • ​Post graduate Diploma Health Counselling 1991

  • Diploma Naturopathy 1987

  • Post graduate Diploma Education 1983

  • Bachelor of Science 1982

  • Member ATMS; NHAA

  • Previous Vice President National Herbalists Assoc Aust


I now consult from North Adelaide at Viveta on Thursday and Friday and in my local area Semaphore on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

  08 8242 2083  or 0402 820 139       

  for an appointment in either location

I believe in and enjoy education, and believe your practitioner should be up to date with modern developments in natural medicines. 

I became involved in natural medicine after witnessing its remarkable work in a friend of mine, and then its effect on my own health.


I lived in Tasmania at that time, but came to South Australia to study at the new SA College of Botanic Medicine and Natural Therapies.  

Well that was an education - at a new college with its teething problems but also with the most interesting and experienced teachers one could wish for.

Marnie Morrow and Kerry Bone inspired me about Herbal medicine and I remain inspired by the gift and potential of medical herbalism.

I was also fortunate to be taught by (the late) great homeopath Robert Beheit and Iridology by Errol Harding.

Once in practice as a Naturopath I sought to widen my knowledge and experience by doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Counselling and then a Masters in Public Health. 

While I was keen to be involved in research, even 12 years ago there were many obstacles and although I didnt get to conduct my own clinical trials, I felt well equipped to be able to evaluate the emerging body of research in the field of natural medicines. 

At last I was getting to blend science with tradition!  And over the last decade even more so as that body of evidence gets bigger & bigger.  Not to be ignored though, is the very fine and huge volume of what we call "Traditional evidence" - that is, the body of empirical knowledge accumulated over many thousands of years of the practice of herbal and natural medicines. 



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