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Women's Health

​​Premenstrual syndrome

PMS is the term used to describe the symptoms that occur before your period due to hormonal fluctuations. These can be mood swings, depression, headaches, bloating, abdominal pain, and spotting. sometimes these might occur in the middle of your cycle too.

Fertility & pregnancy 

Sometimes it isnt as easy to become pregnant as you might hope, and there are a number of lifestyle changes and herbal medicines that can create the optimum conditions for your fertility. 

Staying on top of  troublesome symptoms once pregnant is also  possible using natural remedies



















Perimenopause refers to the years before menopause, when irregular menstrual periods, hot flushes, headaches, mood swings, anxiety & depression may be the result of hormonal changes.


menopause refers to when a woman's menstrual period has permanently stopped, but menopause can be a long time in coming! Typically menopause has the symptoms of perimenopause, but wthout the menstrual period problems. That is the bonus!

Hot flushes & fatigue can be the more troublesome symptoms, but herbal medicine can provide some relief. 

Hormone havoc ?
Well there is much that can be done. Using herbal medicines and diet, your body can be supported to manage hormonal imbalances. There is a long history of herbal medicines use in women's reproductive health.

Clinical studies support herbal medicines for PMS and menopause and menstrual pain. Traditional evidence support the use of herbs in a number of hormonal conditions such as oestrogen excess, fibroids, cysts and heavy and irregular bleeding.

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