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Immune Health

Rebuilding Immune Health

Herbal medicine has some unique qualities that can help restore a person's immune health. Our immune health can be compromised by frequent infections, or particular viral diseases that may be hard to shake, such as glendular fever.

The bodies capacity to deal with stress can influence immune health, in which case help for both adrenal and immune health can be had using herbs. Our bodies can also be drained by a combination of the effects of viruses and stress, as well as other individual factors  This can lead to Post Viral and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 
Immunity can also be depleted by chemotherapy, and while time may help a person to recover, natural treatments, and especially herbs, have been used to enhance and quicken recovery. 
Herbs  are ideal and unique  in helping to restore immunity.  Some foods and Vitamins also assist us in maintaining good immune health, as well as lifestyle factors.


Auto immune Disease
The immune system is usually amazingly self regulating, and can
switch from mounting a strong attack on an invading bacteria or
virus back to normal survelliance when the "threat" is over.  
However in autoimmune disease there is a failure of the self regulating
aspect of immunity, and the body's own tissues may become the target. 

This usually only happens when a number of factors have occurred at 
the same time. You may have been under a lot of stress when you
became ill with an infection, or maybe got sick with something else during or shortly after. You may have been depleted of essential nutrients, or had an chronic inflammatory process going on. Finding out what is happening in your body when it has autoimmune illness is a puzzle that your Naturopath can help solve. Then the appropriate treatments can be specific to your unique picture. 
Again there are marvellous herbs that are regulating to the immune system, and other herbs will be selected that suit the particular targets of your autoimmune illness. Many of these are compatible with conventional medications so that if you need to remain on these we can work in a truly complementary manner. 
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